Significant Anniversaries

About Anniversary Gifts

Welcome to Best Anniversary Gifts by Year. We're here to answer all your questions about wedding anniversaries gifts by providing details yet interesting guides to what gifts are appropriate each year. There's a long established tradition of giving gifts made of certain materials at wedding anniversaries depending on how long the couple have been married, we try to explain why each material was chosen - although it's not always clear - and give you suggestions of gifts made of this material.

As each anniversary progresses the idea is that gradually the value of the gift will increase, although naturally their are exceptions to the rule and the value of a gift will often depend on factors other than the material it's produced from. The first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a gift made of paper, which at first glance might sound inexpensive although some have been known to give highly expensive rare books as gifts on their first anniversary.

The first semi-expensive metal seen is on the 25th anniversary which is traditionally celebrated with silver, although it's not until the 40th when ruby is the tradition that a material which is hard to find an inexpensive item of is found. From then onwards the materials tend to be expensive, so many will have to save to buy even a relatively low cost item with materials such as blue sapphire and platinum.

For the rare few that make it to the 80th anniversary however the gifts thankfully become made of considerably cheaper materials, but ones which represent the time together well. The 80th anniversary, one which only one couple in the United Kingdom have reached, is celebrated with oak while the 85th, should you reach it, will be celebrated with wine. Both of these are materials that age well.

Those who live in Commonwealth nations including Britain can get a letter from the Queen when they celebrate their 60th anniversary and every five year interval afterwards. Those in Canada and Australia are able to get letters from their respective governor-generals earlier, after their 50th anniversary and similarly in the United States the President can write a letter to anyone celebrating their 50th anniversary onwards.